Tone Madison summarizes Eric's music (Eric's life?) in Madison, as he prepares to move to LA

Oedipus Tex heads west, Goodbye show...

El Valiente to hang it up after 10 years

El Valiente

Oedipus Tex "Silver Lion" EP out!

Silver Lion

Oedipus Tex appearance on "Set List"

Oedipus Tex's solo appearance on WPR's "Set List," just, photos, and videos! El Valiente's session will post (and Air on WPR's Central time) Sept. 4th.

Borracho Corazon - top 10

El Valiente at Summerfest - Review

El Valiente at Summerfest

White Comanche-review

"..El Valiente’s sound might be described as Sonic Youth providing the soundtrack for a Tarantino western..."

*photo by Monica Martin

White Comanche - top 10

"If Ennio Morricone were reborn as a gritty rocker with an affinity for big riffs, he might make music that sounded something like this."

Daceton - Best of 2009

Early El Valiente interview